Who We Are

BaDundle Mission:

To be a full circle clothing solution that will simplify your life. We want to be a part of your village.

We Are Parents

The BaDundle team is Elly and Joe O'Rourke and Elly's twin sister Nisha Supahan and her husband Toby Linwood. Between us we have clothed 11 children! We are from a rural area where the nearest clothing store is over 2 hours away so we became resourceful, money conscious, and have always enjoyed looking for the best deals and 2nd hand scores. Because of our experiences we started saving and trading all of our baby clothes back and forth, using plastic totes to store them until the next baby arrived. BaDundle came from that idea. We have started a business that is meaningful to us and that we are passionate about. The BaDundle Team has a goal; to provide other families with the same feeling of relief that we had knowing there was a box of cute, clean clothes waiting for the newest baby when we needed it the most. Our children, that now range from 1-19 years old, are having fun along with us helping with BaDundle, sorting clothing and even giving their opinion on the website design. We are building a true family business.

We Are BaDundle

We are a Native American family owned and operated business. We want to provide parents with a quick, easy, and convenient way to purchase baby clothes. The first year of your baby's life goes by fast with your baby growing even faster. A baby will typically grow out of clothing every few months the first year, and they can go through multiple outfits a day leaving parents needing lots of extra clothes and a whole new baby wardrobe every 3 months on average. We want to take the worry out of clothing for your baby. whether your busy, single, a first time parent, a sixth time parent, or a parent who doesn't want to stress we are here to help. We will deliver a BaDundle Box before it is needed so parents will always have a complete set of clothing for their baby. The clothing will be sent in water resistant, stackable plastic totes, so the clothing can be stored right in the Box until your baby is ready for them. BaDundle is also a convenient way for parents to have a simple solution for eco-friendly baby clothes. We are striving to be a helping hand for all parents.