How BaDundle Works for You


You choose a large or small wardrobe BaDundle Box that fits your needs and budget.


Your baby's wardrobe will be delivered to your door.


Your Box includes all the clothing your baby should need in a variety of outfit options.


Any outgrown clothes can be returned to us for FREE for credit, donation, or recycling.


Any baby clothing can be worn and when outgrown can be returned to us for FREE in the same box.


Have a fresh BaDundle wardrobe in the right size, ready for your baby. Let us simplify your life.

Large or small wardrobes are available in single boxes or with a subscription option from newborn to 2T sizes in gently used clothing. The large wardrobe will provide 36 items, more variety, a larger quantity of clothing and more time between washings. The small wardrobe will provide 18 items. All of the clothing is handpicked and each Box of clothing is unique. Your box will include a variety of outfit options, clothing separates, and brands with enough options to satisfy the style of every parent. We also offer a pre-wash option that will allow you to dress your baby right out of your Badundle Box.