Refund Policy

There are no refunds on shipped BaDundle Boxes. All of our clothing is handpicked and each box is unique. We strive to provide this service at the lowest possible cost. We do not take a detailed inventory of every clothing item in each individual box, so once the box is shipped it cannot be returned for a full refund, the box can be returned at any time to be assessed for credit. 

In the Box you are returning you can include any 0-24 mo/2T size clothing for possible credit towards another box, to Ben donated to children in need, or for responsible clothing recycling.

For subscription members: if your subscription is paid in full you may cancel your subscription at any time for any future boxes you were to receive. We will refund the cost for the remaining boxes in your subscription. If you chose the installment payment option you can cancel your subscription once you have paid for the boxes you have received. We will refund the cost of the remaining boxes in your subscription.

 All BaDundle Boxes that have already been shipped will be charged to the customer.

Cancellations can be made before boxes are shipped. Refunds will be issued back to your original form of payment. Promotions and discounts will not be reimbursed and credit will be refunded back to your BaDundle account.

The Badundle Box can be returned at any time to be assessed for credit. Shipping is always free. You can return your box filled with ANY baby clothing in sizes newborn to 24mo/2T that your baby has outgrown, or fill it with clothes you do not want. We will sort the sizes and evaluate your returned baby clothing. We will then provide you with BaDundle credit if applicable, donate the clothing to children in need, or responsibly recycle the clothing.

If you receive a credit, it can be applied to your next BaDundle box or towards your subscription cost. If you have a credit and you have reached the end of our offered clothing size (24mo/2T) you can either keep the credit for your next child, pass the credit to a friend or relative (great baby shower gift!), or we will refund up to 50% of your credit for cash.