8 Box Subscription

  • We offer an 8-box subscription option for both the small and large BaDundle Boxes. A subscription can be started at the Newborn to 3 month clothing size only. The subscription can be paid in full or with each delivery. The subscription discount is offered even if you choose to start after your first BaDundle box. The cost of your first box will be credited towards your subscription cost. You can be confident in our product before committing to a subscription.

    The 8-box subscription will provide:

    • 1 box of 0 to 3 month size
    • 1 box of 3 to 6 month size
    • 1 box of 6 to 9 month size
    • 1 box of 9 to 12 month size
    • 2 boxes of 12 to 18 month size
    • 2 boxes of 12 to 24 month size

    A child's growth typically slows from 12-24 months so we will provide a new box for season changes or to refresh the wardrobe.

  • Purchase a BaDundle clothing box and you will receive a storable, stackable, water-resistant tote full of all the clothing your baby will need for a large wardrobe or a small wardrobe (depending on the box size you choose).The large wardrobe will provide more variety, a larger quantity of clothing and more time between washings. We will provide enough outfits that even if you don’t like a pattern or color there will be plenty of other outfit options to choose from.

    We offer brand new or gently used clothing in the gender style of your choice. Our gently used clothing inventory has been thoroughly evaluated for quality, and arrives like new to your door. Our brand new clothing inventory is quality clothes from popular brands that parents trust. All of our clothing is handpicked and each box is unique. BaDundle is a simple solution to make life easier for parents.

  • The “Gender Style” that you choose determines the style of clothing that will be in your box. Choose the “Surprise” option to be prepared for AND surprised by the gender of your baby! Ask a nurse, family member, or friend to contact us with the style preference. You can have a BaDundle box with the specific "boy" or "girl" gender style delivered and ready for when your baby arrives OR for whenever you want to have a reveal!

    For our “Girl” option: in general, think pinks and purples with patterns such as polka dots and hearts, but there may be a spaceship or two.

    For our “Boy” option: in general, think blues and reds with patterns such as cars and sports themes, but there may be a flower or two.

    For our “Neutral” option think gray, greens, and white with patterns such as animals and stripes.

    Each BaDundle box is filled with many different brands, colors, outfits, and separates to give a variety of clothing options. We fill your box with tasteful pieces; clothing items will vary. We will provide enough outfits that even if you don't like a pattern or color there will be plenty of other outfit options to choose from. If you have a strong preference for certain types of clothing please let us know in the "Customize Style" text box provided above. For example, if you do not like the color yellow or polka dots and love stripes and blue, let us know! We do not offer clothing with movie/tv characters or cartoons.

  • Babies can have sensitive skin. Some parents prefer that all clothing, even brand new, be washed before being worn by babies to prevent skin irritations. We will remove the sales tags for you (if applicable) and launder your baby's clothing. The laundry detergent we use is eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, from plant-derived ingredients and pH balanced for your baby's skin. With our Pre-Wash option you can confidently dress your baby right out of your BaDundle Box.

  • Refunds: There are no refunds on shipped BaDundle Boxes. All of our clothing is handpicked and each box is unique. If your subscription is paid in full you may cancel your subscription at any time for any future boxes you were to receive. We will refund the cost for the remaining boxes in your subscription. If you chose the installment payment option you can cancel your subscription once you have paid for the boxes you have received. We will refund the cost of the remaining boxes in your subscription. Refunds will be issued back to your original form of payment. Promotions and discounts will not be reimbursed and credit will be refunded back to your BaDundle account.All BaDundle Boxes that have already been shipped will be charged to the customer.

    Click here to see the Refund Policy for more information.

    Returns: The Badundle Box can be returned at any time to be assessed for credit. Shipping is always free. You can return your box filled with ANY baby clothing in sizes newborn to 24mo/2T that your baby has outgrown, or fill it with clothes you do not want. We will sort the sizes and evaluate your returned baby clothing. We will then provide you with BaDundle credit if applicable, donate the clothing to children in need, or responsibly recycle the clothing.

    Click here to see more information for clothing returns.

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